Books to Read

There are many great books out there for a wide variety of issues that people are dealing with. There are also a great number of books out there that are a bit less helpful. These are some of the books that I often recommend to clients. 


Gifts of imperfection - Brené brown

This is a great read for clients who are struggling with perfectionism, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-doubts. Brené Brown also has other books that may be a good fit for a number of people. 


Life without ed - jenni schaefer

A well-known book in the circles of eating disorder treatment and recovery. It is a simple, and easy read and can be a great resources for individuals struggling with eating disorder(s) as well as their loved ones and family members.


a mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook - bob stahl & elisha goldstein

A very user-friendly book for mindfulness, great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike! Comes with a CD containing multiple guided meditations.